Changing A Lightbulb



Changing a lightbulb is a digital escape experience simulating a physical escape room. 

In Changing a lightbulb players have to constantly work and communicate together. They truly need each other to solve the puzzles. The ultimate goal of the game is simple: change your broken lightbulb. Sounds simple, right?  With this interactive escape experience we let the players jump through all kinds of “unnecessary” hoops, illustrating the issues in the unnecessary gatekeeping in transgender care. By making the players feel even a tiny bit of the frustration that so many people face daily, we will create more awareness for the issues .

!! Puzzle Spoilers !!


During this project I learned so much about the current issues in the unnecessary gatekeeping in transgender care, which I value deeply. I mainly focused on puzzle design during this project. As well as working with two very talented game designers, you can click on their names to find more of their work:

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