This game – iQR (pronounced as I cure) – is for cancer patients, aged seven to ten years old. The protagonist in the game, is also a sick child, fighting against its illness. 

Download here

You can download iQR for Android here.

In the game, the characters will be fighting cancer cells. The player will be fighting the same things they are fighting in real life, but now in a fun and empowering way. This will make the children feel like strong heroes.

iQR teaches the player that the disease does not control them, but that they can control their disease. The game shows them that by using the things that they usually see as something very negative (chemotherapy, injection needles), will actually make them stronger against their enemies: against their disease by implementing these and making the player use it as their weapon.

I really wanted to make sure the children would feel like strong heroes while and after playing iQR. I kept that in mind with everything I did while designing the game and designing the assets in general. By working together with the VOKK, I was able to test with my target audience as well as learn more about the things and hardships they go through.

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